Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fog, ugh

So I am tired of getting up and riding to work in the fog. I get wet and damp but it is still hot. Oh joy. I thought this was summer? Sure a little fog now and then is to be expected on the coast, but this is seriously silly for the middle of July.

Anyway, I hope the lawn appreciates the dampness, something should. I certainly don't appreciate the damp puppy foot prints that Newt brings into the house each morning.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Final Bike Race - Tour de Wentworth

So the final race came and went yesterday. It was a stage race in Wentworth, Nova Scotia. The day started with a 15 km time trial. It began with a nice tail wind and ended with a horrible headwind. My bike isn't really setup for time trials. I have no bars or aero pieces, I have no skinsuit or fancy helmet. So I was just trying to minimize the damage. I think I did respectable though was behind most of the other riders in my catagory.

Then came the road race. 79 km's. It got hotter and the wind stayed, if not picked up. I was doing fine through the first lap, then part way through the second lap an attack came. I tried to follow but my legs cramped up. So I ended up loosing the leaders. I got my legs back, started to ride hard to keep the time gap close and managed to finish the race. I guess the heat, wind and tired legs from the morning got to many riders as I somehow managed a third place finish and third place overall. Needless to say, with all the pain I went through I will take the result.

Many thanks to Elizabeth and Newt for being my support and handing me fresh water during the race. It was needed.

Monday, July 7, 2008


Well I have one nice little garden in front of my house. I tend to it and keep it looking pretty good. Other than that I have a lawn. I figured (well and my wife Elizabeth helped) that it was time for some more colour and interest. So we bought some very nice planters. They look like stainless steel with a modern feel, but still a bit on the warm side. So far I have one setup near the back of our property. It is a dual purpose planter. Partly it is for decoration, partly to prevent small puppies from falling into drains, or at least hurting themselves on the drain grate. I have planted poppies in it as it will be hot and dry back there. So now it is a waiting game for flowers to appear. Perhaps I will have pictures one day.