Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Final Race Weekend of the Season - Another Double Header 2015

Well I am a little late posting this, but I went away on a vacation, and it was wonderful. So better late then never.

It was the weekend of Oct 24 and 25. I was very tired but I had 2 races in 2 days to do and thus would end my wonderful season of racing. I had already accomplished a lot this year, though had also failed to accomplish certain goals. All in all I say I came out with this season being a thumbs up.

First up this weekend was the BLT 5K. I won this last year when it was an untimed fun run. This year it was timed and some big names came out to race. I knew I wasn't going to set a PB here but I thought I could do well.

It was a rather cold morning, perfect for running, horrible for standing around before a race. I knew with Matthew White showing up I wasn't going to win this year, but I wondered just how close to him i could come in this race (he did race a marathon the week before).

As the race started I fell in behind Matthew. The pace seemed fine so I stay with him. I was quite happy to still be there 1.5 km later.

Finally just after the 2 km mark, Matthew pulled enough of a gap that I knew it was over. I hit the turn around and figured I had a good shot at second place, just keep the turn over rate high and push through.

I took one quick look back as I reached the end of the trail and right before I started the final hill climb before the decent to the finish. I was all alone in second. Knowing I had another race the next day I keep a decent pace but didn't push hard to the finish. I crossed the line at 18:01.  Second overall, 1st in Age Group and happy to be done.

The next morning and back at it. This time the MEC Shubie Park Half marathon. A half marathon on twisty crusher dust trails with loads of hills. Probably the toughest one around here. The field for this half isn't huge, as most people opt for the 5 and 10 k option, but there are always some fast people. I have usually finished the race 3rd overall each year, with one second overall male medal.

I knew this was my last race and my legs knew that too. I was tired and sore, but not injured!  At this point I wanted a solid race and hopefully a medal. I tried to hold back at the start but quickly saw a fast pace happening. I eased back a bit and fell into second place.

You know that feeling in a race, where you are done but have to hold it together to the finish. Those races don't always happen to me, but sometimes they do. This was one of those races. Sadly I started to feel that way at about the 2km mark. Only 19km more to go I though! Ahhh.

I held onto second place with Drew in third right behind me. Finally after about 8km or so he decided to pull ahead and off he went. I was fine with that, knowing I really just needed to hang in there.

As I was heading to 6 km to go, I knew where I would finish if I could keep this pace up. I even showed that to Tim who was taking photos.

  I think one of the hard parts of this race is that when you are alone in the woods, you are really alone. I find it easier to run strong when others are around. I found a little oomf as I headed to do the second loop and ran by the finish line area. But then back into the woods, and ugh.  A mean slight but long hill with less than 1 km to go just about had me walking but I pushed through. Then a surge at the end for a strong finish and I cross the line in 1:26:26. Overall a decent time on this course, but I was wiped. A long season finally done.

Now onto Movember. I'll be directing my race again on the 21st to raise money for Movember Canada. Come join us by entering here: https://raceroster.com/events/2015/6069/halifax-movember-run 

This month I'll step back from hard training. All easy stuff just to keep healthy and fit. I start to ramp things back up in December as I plan out next season. Thanks all.