Wednesday, April 14, 2010

2010 Lung Run


Well the past weekend saw the 4th annual (?) Credit Union Lung Run happen in Halifax. And I was all ready to run this 5K event as prep for the upcoming Du's and Tri's. But alas my wounded leg (IT Band) said please don't and I heeded its words (thoughts, pains, whatever). Instead I got to be the sideline person for this event while my wife (see woman in blue hat in the above photo) cruised around to her personal best 5K time. She shaved at least 3 minutes off last years 5K time and came in witha chip time of 32:04. Good for her, and here she thought she was running slow.

I did receive some harsh, deep tissue massage today for the leg. A whole 1/2 hour on one leg and the massuse got right in there. Here's hoping that it will help get this thing healing up. I will continue stretching and resting it, which probably means if it is ready in time for teh first Du of the season that I won't get a lot more training in. Still, one has to deal with these issues sometimes, especially when you push the body past its limits.
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Monday, April 5, 2010

Bike Safety

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Ian's 2010 Sporting Goals - Multisport

Well I am finally getting to the last of my years goals postings. This is the big one I guess, the one where all the other sports meet to form one super sport - be it Triathlon or Duathlon (and no folks it isn't Triath-a-lon or duath-a-lon).

This type of event is fairly new to me. I just started running last year, and I just learned how to swim correctly this year.

last year I competed in all four of the duathlon events that Triathlon Nova Scotia (TNS) hosted. I managed some decent times, and got some great finishes. I did manage to even win my age group, though it was just Mike Milloy and I in that group as the field was very small. Still in the end I managed 3rd int he seasons point series and took home a very shiny coffee mug full of jelly beans.

This year I plan on competing in all the du's again. There are 5 currently listed, with a new one on May 9th this year. My goals are pretty simple. Improve in each event that I competed in last year. Simple as that. Run faster, ride faster, run faster again and place higher. Could be tricky but I think it is all very doable. And in those couple of events where most people are doing full tri's? Well I want to place in the top three, and I will push to get that done.

By the end of the year I want to remain int he top three in the points series, and I want to place in the top three in my age group as well, which will be 35-40. This last one will be tricky as it is a very full age group, but I will push as best as I can to get it done.

Now as for tri's? Well I have never done one before, and as I mentioned I have just learned to swim after many years of paddling around in the ocean and lakes like a rabid dog. So I would like to really get out at some point this summer and do a super sprint. As it is only 300-400 meters of swimming, I feel that I can go that distance and still be in a competitive time. Also I should be able to swim that kind of distance fast enough that a wetsuit will not be needed. I can't see myself buying a full wetsuit for 1 event this year as the entry level cost is around $200 or more. This sort of event I will be happy to finish in a decent time, as i know the running and biking won't be an issue. I will just be happy to have swam in a competition for the first time ever.

Of course a lot of this is dependent on my knee righting itself. I am sure it will, but it is ever so frustrating to not be able to push through an injury.

As the season progresses I will update my blog with how things are going, and what I could/ should be doing better.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Running Goal 2010 - Update

Well it was bound to happen. I had to make adjustments to my goals already. But my knee seems t be hurt. I am sure it is a mild IT band issue, but it has meant that I haven't done any serious running in close to 2 weeks now. This has now meant that the April 10th 5K Lung Run in Halifax is off the books. Sure I might be able to get ready in time for it, but instead I have decided to take the time off for proper rest. Instead I will be cheering on my wife who will be competing an looking for PB of her own, all while getting herself ready for the Bluenose 5K. I don't mind really as she has always been good about coming to many of my events over the last couple of years. And what can be more special for a spectator that watching a bike time trial.

I am hoping this rest period, with loads of stretching and massage therapy will get me ready for the events I have planned in May.