Thursday, April 1, 2010

Running Goal 2010 - Update

Well it was bound to happen. I had to make adjustments to my goals already. But my knee seems t be hurt. I am sure it is a mild IT band issue, but it has meant that I haven't done any serious running in close to 2 weeks now. This has now meant that the April 10th 5K Lung Run in Halifax is off the books. Sure I might be able to get ready in time for it, but instead I have decided to take the time off for proper rest. Instead I will be cheering on my wife who will be competing an looking for PB of her own, all while getting herself ready for the Bluenose 5K. I don't mind really as she has always been good about coming to many of my events over the last couple of years. And what can be more special for a spectator that watching a bike time trial.

I am hoping this rest period, with loads of stretching and massage therapy will get me ready for the events I have planned in May.
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