Wednesday, April 14, 2010

2010 Lung Run


Well the past weekend saw the 4th annual (?) Credit Union Lung Run happen in Halifax. And I was all ready to run this 5K event as prep for the upcoming Du's and Tri's. But alas my wounded leg (IT Band) said please don't and I heeded its words (thoughts, pains, whatever). Instead I got to be the sideline person for this event while my wife (see woman in blue hat in the above photo) cruised around to her personal best 5K time. She shaved at least 3 minutes off last years 5K time and came in witha chip time of 32:04. Good for her, and here she thought she was running slow.

I did receive some harsh, deep tissue massage today for the leg. A whole 1/2 hour on one leg and the massuse got right in there. Here's hoping that it will help get this thing healing up. I will continue stretching and resting it, which probably means if it is ready in time for teh first Du of the season that I won't get a lot more training in. Still, one has to deal with these issues sometimes, especially when you push the body past its limits.
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