Friday, November 6, 2009

My Childhood Memories of Great TV

Okay so I just got through watching the re-release of V - Visitors this past week. I remember that mini series well from the 80's. And as I watched the new version I hoped for one of those great things to happen, the new outshining the original. Or at least the new one being good enough to keep watching. But alas this is no remake of Battlestar Galactica. This seemed to be a much lower production value. And the choice of completely wooden actors didn't help. The only thing I can hope for is a return of Robert Englund as the "slow" V with a heart of gold. One can hope.

So far as I watch remakes of many shows and characters that I loved as a child I have been sadly depressed. I wish they would just come up with some new ideas, or at least hire a script writer that can mold that original concept into something better than it was (ala Battlestar).

I mean really, Transformers? That was a sad attempt to make things blow up. GI Joe? Why did I bother. And Astro Boy? Well I haven't seen it yet, but judging from how much I loved that cartoon as a kid I will probably avoid seeing this new version.

Perhaps I just watch too much TV. Perhaps my judgement was clouded as a kid. Regardless, at least when doing these remakes, please take a little time to create something fun and worth my time.