Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Argh - Flat Tire

So Monday I started my bike ride home from work and got a flat. But this was a bad one. A drywall screw, at least 1 1/2 inches went in one side of the tire and out the other. Anyways, I managed to get a new tube in a limp home with low air pressure (good old hand pumps). At home I took the tire off and inspected it. Not good. The screw had left a big enough hole that when fully pumped up, the tube would start to push through the hole. I attempted a repair using polyurethane glue and an old tire tube. But alas this mornign I find my tire flat again. Oh well. Looks like tonight I have to hit the shop and buy a new tire. rather annoying as this was a new tire last year and I expected at least a few years of riding from it. So I had to drive the car today. At least it is raining today so I can take a little comfort in arriving at work warm and dry.

Monday, April 28, 2008

So Glad I have a VCR :(

So I was fairly excited about a lot of things this past weekend. One of which was the fact that there were a couple of races (F1 and Indycar) which I was excited to see. But I had to do a bike training ride early Saturday morning so in the VCR goes a fresh tape. I came home in tiem to watch the race but decided to hang out with Newt our dog instead. As I sat near the TV little did I suspect that the VCR was on but no recording anything. Lovely. So I had to read about the race instead. And then I find out that the Indycar race will be broadcast on TSN Alt channel. Of course that would be great if I got fancy digital cable. But alas I don't so counldn't see that. But luck of luck they were rebroadcasting it at 1:30 am. Which turned out to be an edited version of the race (oh joy) and since it was so late I would have to tape it. this time I can't blame the VCR for my not actually hitting record. Oh well. At the least Newt was fun to play with.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Been too long

Sorry it has been awhile for my loyal readers (or perhaps for the tumble weeds that blow through). Anyway, my wife and I have been busy for the past bit getting ready for our new puppy. We bought ourselves a little girl chihuahua named Newt. She is botha fiesty firecracker and our cuddle princess. Far too much fun and excitment in such a tiny package. But she is great for taking on walks, even managing to keep up with both of us no problem. You can check out her blog at

Monday, April 7, 2008

Sometimes Spam brings a smile to your face

Sure its spam. Sure it is annoying to have an email box full. But I gotta say that I sometimes laugh out loud when reading a few choice ones. What it must take to artfully craft the nonsense behind such an email is beyond me. Anyway, I just received one and I must say that everyone should try to read this.

Hi my friend!

I only wished to write to you the letter and to tell as in general my
letter got to you! First I would like to speak a little about myself
my name is Dina to me 28 years I live in Russia to Kirov. All the
others wash data and a photo in the appendix to the letter data. I was
in agency of acquaintance and to me advised yours e-mail the address I
do not know whence they him took but they gave me yours e-mail that I
could have acquaintance to you. And I only wanted that you have spent
about 10 minutes both looked wash a photo and wash data and received
from you the answer you would like to have acquaintance to me or you
only would not like this? Tell to me I so only the nobility it much
would like. Also I shall wait much your answer. I started to search
the man as to me very alone and 28 years and I do not have man if you
wish to begin with me correspondence or easier to begin acquaintance
tell to me your answer. I shall wait much!

I hope your new friend well I hope that I can become for you friend

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Old Triangle

Well it was time to say a sad aferwell to some good friends and fellow employees from Parks Canada. Of course it isn't like we won't see them ever again, in fact I spent Saturday afternoon with Robert watching movies. But it is kinds sad not to have them at work anmore to chat with about the crazy crap that goes on here and abroad. So a hardy cheer to a job well done, raise a glass, have a drink and enjoy the day.

For the full compliment of pics:

See you guys later.