Monday, April 28, 2008

So Glad I have a VCR :(

So I was fairly excited about a lot of things this past weekend. One of which was the fact that there were a couple of races (F1 and Indycar) which I was excited to see. But I had to do a bike training ride early Saturday morning so in the VCR goes a fresh tape. I came home in tiem to watch the race but decided to hang out with Newt our dog instead. As I sat near the TV little did I suspect that the VCR was on but no recording anything. Lovely. So I had to read about the race instead. And then I find out that the Indycar race will be broadcast on TSN Alt channel. Of course that would be great if I got fancy digital cable. But alas I don't so counldn't see that. But luck of luck they were rebroadcasting it at 1:30 am. Which turned out to be an edited version of the race (oh joy) and since it was so late I would have to tape it. this time I can't blame the VCR for my not actually hitting record. Oh well. At the least Newt was fun to play with.
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