Thursday, January 31, 2008

Potholes? Ahhhhhh

So how much worse can the street of Halifax get? I had thought not too much worse until I rode my bike to work today. There was three tiems I had to stop my bike and walk through sections of rode. And I have a Mountain Bike! Anyways, the last few years have seen a lot of really shoddy road work done in Hallifax, mostly resurfacing of exisiting pavement. But the new stuff just peels off every winter witht the snow plows. I can't believe that people in cars aren't complaining more. But at least this is a start for me. I will be shortly writing an email to the transportation people of HRM (Halifax) and perhaps I will get a response. I may even publish it on this blog. Oh well, at least it is sunny outside and I was nice and warm for the ride this morning. Later.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Eating Pie is a Good Thing


Ever just want to eat pie and drink fresh coffee all day. Well that is practically everyday with me. This lovely shot from from Cousin's Restaurant in Halfax. Sure the coffee is just plain old ordinary, but the pie is spectacular. It is my new belief that pie should be consumed a minimum of once a week. And to that end I will attempt to make some more pumpkin pie this weekend. Yum.
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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Jan 26-27th Weekend

So this past weekend was fun. My wife came home for a visit (she is working temporarily in Toronto) and we got to head out to a great concert at the Marquee. Slowcoaster was playing with opening act Hey Ocean. I has never heard of Hey Ocean before and was really impressed with them: female lead who also played flute, guitar, bass and drums. All very accomplished musicians. We had decided to meet for a snack before heading to the concert (my friends Dave and Carrie) and tried to head to local favorite The Bluenose, but alas it was closed. So instead we headed up to the Wooden Monkey. It was great and the bread pudding I had was the best.

The rest of the weekend was more relaxed than that. We did manage to take in a few episodes of our favorite (though cancelled) show Arrested Development. Darn that show is funny.

While I don't have a picture at the moment I will be uploading a great shot of some particularly good pie I had at Cousin's Restaurant. Unfortunately for Elizabeth, I went to Cousin's prior to her arrival with Dave and Carrie. Too bad for her I guess.

Later folks.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Weekend of Jan 19th

snow at white point

I spent this past weekend hanging out with my buddy David and his wife Carrie. They added to our group with a few of David's friends from his work. Since they were from out of town Dave thought they might lie to see a little scenery of Nova Scotia (they were from Poland). Anyway here is a quick shot from our walk around White Point (the one near Hubbards, as there is more than one). Yes, a slightly grey overcast day it was, but still perfect white fluffy snow was there to make it a magical site.

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Cold day, bad roads

Another crazy day of weather in Nova Scotia makes for bad cycling. The bridge was really icey and meant I had to essentially coast. The temperature this morning was also -15C which was not the greatest. But later this afteroon it will be close to zero if not above. All that means is the roads will be slushy and bad, I will be overdressed and far too warm. Oh well, it still beats driving a car.

I am hoping that I can eventually get a new front tire for my bike. The problem is that the tire I want does not seem to be in the stores near me. They say a shipment will be in soon but yet, 2 month later still no tire. I had a flat this weekend from a tiny piece of glass. I figure it won't be the last considering just how work out and thin that front is. But patience is all I can have I guess.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Welcome 2008

So here it is the beginning of a new year. And the beginning of a new blog for me. Since no one actually bothered to read the old blog I figured it would be safe to try something new.

So far the year has brought rain, snow, cold, warm and dirt. At least in the world cycling. My commutes to work have been very messy this year. Thankfully the washing machine has been working in good order to keep me as clean as can be.

I have discovered that the city of Halifax is not the most bike friendly, especially in the winter months. The clearing of the roads, particularly the edges has been very slow. That makes for a slippery ride as well and there have been a few moments where I thought a spill was on its way. Luckily that has not been the case.

There has not been a lot else going on that is crazy exciting. I have decided to play guitar and uke a little more often this year and have discovered the fun of playing Supertramp songs at the moment. Perhaps one day I may play them for you!

Well later folks