Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Jan 26-27th Weekend

So this past weekend was fun. My wife came home for a visit (she is working temporarily in Toronto) and we got to head out to a great concert at the Marquee. Slowcoaster was playing with opening act Hey Ocean. I has never heard of Hey Ocean before and was really impressed with them: female lead who also played flute, guitar, bass and drums. All very accomplished musicians. We had decided to meet for a snack before heading to the concert (my friends Dave and Carrie) and tried to head to local favorite The Bluenose, but alas it was closed. So instead we headed up to the Wooden Monkey. It was great and the bread pudding I had was the best.

The rest of the weekend was more relaxed than that. We did manage to take in a few episodes of our favorite (though cancelled) show Arrested Development. Darn that show is funny.

While I don't have a picture at the moment I will be uploading a great shot of some particularly good pie I had at Cousin's Restaurant. Unfortunately for Elizabeth, I went to Cousin's prior to her arrival with Dave and Carrie. Too bad for her I guess.

Later folks.
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