Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cold day, bad roads

Another crazy day of weather in Nova Scotia makes for bad cycling. The bridge was really icey and meant I had to essentially coast. The temperature this morning was also -15C which was not the greatest. But later this afteroon it will be close to zero if not above. All that means is the roads will be slushy and bad, I will be overdressed and far too warm. Oh well, it still beats driving a car.

I am hoping that I can eventually get a new front tire for my bike. The problem is that the tire I want does not seem to be in the stores near me. They say a shipment will be in soon but yet, 2 month later still no tire. I had a flat this weekend from a tiny piece of glass. I figure it won't be the last considering just how work out and thin that front is. But patience is all I can have I guess.
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