Saturday, March 28, 2009

Interesterified fat? The New Trans Fat

Man, those food companies have figured out how to avoid the bad label of trans fats and the use of hydrogenated oils. Now they have Interesterified fat. I just noticed it on my box of Trans Fat free crackers.

That is a link to a story about it all. And a quick search of the web shows lots of hits and lots of studies.

I have already been forced to make my own bread to feel somewhat good about eating it. Do I have to make my own crackers now?

This new fat will only show up in the nutrition section of your processed food as Saturated fat.

And what is with the name. At least Trans Fat was easy to pronounce.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Back from the Sun, Back to Winter.

Oklay so my wife and I just got back from the Dominican Republic. Oh how Imiss the warmth and sunshine. Today they are calling for another winter storm in Halifax. Seriously, Spring has officially arrived and I have to put up with 10-20 cm's of snow again. I was so happy to see grass, even though it was brown. The tropics had me spoiled.

I have posted some pictures from the trip in my web album. Check them out.

I must say though, that the thing I miss the most about the trip is the nice man that made me poached eggs each morning. I never liked poached eggs a whole lot. I like them a lot when someone else makes them for me. The free booze was okay as well, but fresh eggs for me was a hit. Oh and fresh doughnuts with sugar. Darn, now I am hungry.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Bluenose Marathon

So my wife and I decided to throw our hats in the ring and join up for the Bluenose Marathon. It is a marathon help each year in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Now we didn't actually choose to run the marathon proper as we are both very new to the running game. Instead she chose to run the 5K and I chose to run the 10K. This will be very fun I hope. I looked at last years entrants for the 10K and there were over 1500 people running that event.

The most I have ever run in a day, at this point, is 8K which was broken into 2 sections of 4K for a duathlon (there was a bike ride in the middle portion). So 10K will be a good challenge for me and really give me something to train for.

Now the event isn't until May 15-17, but entering now saved us $60, so it was time to take the plunge and join up.

I guess that training starts today for me!!