Monday, March 23, 2009

Back from the Sun, Back to Winter.

Oklay so my wife and I just got back from the Dominican Republic. Oh how Imiss the warmth and sunshine. Today they are calling for another winter storm in Halifax. Seriously, Spring has officially arrived and I have to put up with 10-20 cm's of snow again. I was so happy to see grass, even though it was brown. The tropics had me spoiled.

I have posted some pictures from the trip in my web album. Check them out.

I must say though, that the thing I miss the most about the trip is the nice man that made me poached eggs each morning. I never liked poached eggs a whole lot. I like them a lot when someone else makes them for me. The free booze was okay as well, but fresh eggs for me was a hit. Oh and fresh doughnuts with sugar. Darn, now I am hungry.
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