Monday, April 5, 2010

Ian's 2010 Sporting Goals - Multisport

Well I am finally getting to the last of my years goals postings. This is the big one I guess, the one where all the other sports meet to form one super sport - be it Triathlon or Duathlon (and no folks it isn't Triath-a-lon or duath-a-lon).

This type of event is fairly new to me. I just started running last year, and I just learned how to swim correctly this year.

last year I competed in all four of the duathlon events that Triathlon Nova Scotia (TNS) hosted. I managed some decent times, and got some great finishes. I did manage to even win my age group, though it was just Mike Milloy and I in that group as the field was very small. Still in the end I managed 3rd int he seasons point series and took home a very shiny coffee mug full of jelly beans.

This year I plan on competing in all the du's again. There are 5 currently listed, with a new one on May 9th this year. My goals are pretty simple. Improve in each event that I competed in last year. Simple as that. Run faster, ride faster, run faster again and place higher. Could be tricky but I think it is all very doable. And in those couple of events where most people are doing full tri's? Well I want to place in the top three, and I will push to get that done.

By the end of the year I want to remain int he top three in the points series, and I want to place in the top three in my age group as well, which will be 35-40. This last one will be tricky as it is a very full age group, but I will push as best as I can to get it done.

Now as for tri's? Well I have never done one before, and as I mentioned I have just learned to swim after many years of paddling around in the ocean and lakes like a rabid dog. So I would like to really get out at some point this summer and do a super sprint. As it is only 300-400 meters of swimming, I feel that I can go that distance and still be in a competitive time. Also I should be able to swim that kind of distance fast enough that a wetsuit will not be needed. I can't see myself buying a full wetsuit for 1 event this year as the entry level cost is around $200 or more. This sort of event I will be happy to finish in a decent time, as i know the running and biking won't be an issue. I will just be happy to have swam in a competition for the first time ever.

Of course a lot of this is dependent on my knee righting itself. I am sure it will, but it is ever so frustrating to not be able to push through an injury.

As the season progresses I will update my blog with how things are going, and what I could/ should be doing better.
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