Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Swimming Update

Well now I think I have been taking swimming lessons for 6 weeks now. the thing I have really learned is that swimming right isn't easy, especially when you are trying to make up for 30 some odd years of poor swimming. But I have been persevering and I think I am finally seeing all my hard work come out. My breast stroke and whip kick are dynamite, and my back crawl isn't too bad. But of course it is truly the front crawl that I am most interested in.

This stroke has been my nemesis. Mostly due to my avoidance of breathing while putting my face in and out of the water. But slowly and surely I have made progress. I can now do 2 lengths without stopping (so 50 meters) and I am sucking less pool water up my nose now, so that is great as well. I fully see myself actually being able to compete in a full triathlon this summer. My first goal being a Super Sprint distance, due to the swim portion being relatively short at 300-400 meters.

My next goal in triathlon / event training, is to make a list of this years goals. And actual list, written down somewhere, and not the ever changing version I usually do in my head. In fact I may even post it on the blog for all the none of you to read (ha ha).
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