Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Food Glorious Food

Okay so a long time ago I rode really far on my bike with a fruit roll  up and a bottle of water. Needless to say, I fared poorly. A couple of years ago I rode 3 hours on a cool rainy day with 1 water and a Gatorade, think why would I need food. I just made it home. Usually I am good about food and water when I exercise, but occasionally I have been caught out.

Well that happened again the other day. And frankly I should have been paying attention more, but instead I have been paying so much attention to the actual exercise and things like increased base training, that I may have neglected my calories (and I am one of those people that needs a decent amount of calories). Well I won't make that mistake again this season.

Most of my training so far this year has been under 1 hour. 8-10K runs, bike commutes and swims. All in the name of building a good base. I don't need food during that level of exercise. I can easily make up that deficit when I get home or to work. But alas as I started to add in long runs in my attempt to get ready for a half marathon, I didn't think to bring anything with me.

My first 15K run was fine. I ran slow, I made it home and had a decent meal. It was very good. Then a week later I headed out for a long slow 20K run (well I headed out for a 2 hour run). I ran along and by the end I was dragging myself home. It took me 3 days to get back into shape.  a week later I ran with a bottle of Gatorade and a Powerbar. The next day I swam 2400M and rode 32 KM without any trouble.

So I write this mostly as a message to myself not to forget about calories and as a warning to others starting their long runs and long rides after a winter of slumber. Find something you can carry, bring 2 bottles on a ride, and if need be set your watch to beep every 20 minutes or so and take a bite and a swig of the bottle.

Now I need a rest. Just managed an 8K run at a 4:13 pace. Yeah, I had plenty to eat and drink today and had some good old chocolate milk when I got home. Mmmm.
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