Monday, October 29, 2012

Running Races on Hold - Time to be a Race Director

Okay, so as I mentioned before, I need a rest from racing. I need it mentally and I need it physically. I still want to run, and ride and swim and have fun, but definitely in a non competitive way. But it is also time to give back as well.

Movember is coming up (read about it here). I have taken part in this fundraising event for Prostate Cancer awareness for the past two years by growing a mustache and gathering a couple hundred dollars for the cause. But this year I am going further with the help of local Movmember big wig, Mike Milloy,  we are putting on our first race. Taking place November 24th, this will be a 6K  trail fun run. It has certainly been a learning experience getting it all together.

It started in the summer with our attempt to find a venue. Once found we had to secure it, which luckily was easy to do as we are using the local city park, Point Pleasant Park, in Halifax. Then mapping a route in the park, which isn't huge, for a 6K run was quite the feat.  Still it was done, then Mike and I had some choices to make. Should it be pure and simple, run and raise money? Or should it be a race with prizes for the over contenders, in which case we would need certain things like bib numbers, and a timing scheme. Well we decided to push the envelope a bit and heck, there are some great local businesses that really stepped up to help us out.

At this point we have great prizes and support from Sportwheels, a local bike and hockey shop, Aerobics First,  my favorite running shop (they do skiis as well!), Your Place of Mine Hair Designers Inc. , the Halifax Rainmen, and Moksha Yoga. Thanks to all these guys and gals for their various support.

So what is up next? Well the registration went live a couple of weeks back and we already have 20 people signed up, with a self imposed maximum of 100 entrants. Not bad so far, and we aren't even in Movember yet. So we just need to work on the little things, like volunteers and refreshments for all involved. That is frankly going to be fun.  It is also going to take my mind off of racing for the next month.

Hey reader, if you are local head on to our Facebook Page and "Like" us or even better consider signing up and having a great run on a cool November morning through Halifax's beautiful Point Pleasant Park. You can find us here.

And if you are a local business that wants to jump on board, well by all means contact us via the Facebook page. We hope to see some of you out to our event, or to many of the other Movember events that are taking place all over the world.
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