Sunday, January 3, 2016

2015 By the Numbers

Okay a few days into 2016 we are (wow that Star Wars gets in your head). I guess that means let's take a quick look back at the 2015 totals as is the custom on this blog.

Bike: 4777 km. Again, much of that is commuting, with a bit of casual group riding thrown in for my summer weekly trail ride (yes, it is casual pace and yes you should join us). With my race focus being on Sprint Distance Triathlons and Duathlons I didn't do many long rides at all this year. 2016 will see me switch to Olympic Distance triathlons. I'm already starting with 1.5 hr trainer rides, so I expect this total will grow.

Swim: 103.2 km. Not too bad for me. That is way up from the 84km I did last year. Does that mean my speed in the water was up? Nope. But I think I am getting a better feel for the water regardless. So I expect better things this season. Since getting back int he pool in November I have seen my speed over distance come up quite a bit. Still not fast, but an increase this early in the year is very satisfying.  Also I bought a new wetsuit at the end of last year, which I haven't raced in yet. I am hoping it helps a little as well.

Run: 1865 km. Surprisingly, this is up from last year which was my marathon training year. I think due to the horrid winter we had, I spent a lot of time on the indoor track and that helped me keep my numbers high. This year I am switching to shorter distance races mostly, so it will be interesting to see how that affects my yearly total.

Other: 126km So this is mostly speed skating, which I really got into last season and I am doing again this season. That is about double what I put into skating last year. Wow!

Weight: So I don't normally list this one, but last year I see I weighed 155lbs at years end. That number of course goes up and down throughout the year but has normally stayed about there. This year I come to year's end at 152 lbs. A little leaner and ready to fight. As I am not depriving myself, i must be doing something right to be headed in the right direction weight wise to stay competitive.

So that's it, a simple post today and thoughts of a great year ahead.  I hope to see that Swim total ride by quite a bit.

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