Sunday, March 27, 2016

A Few Things From the Week of March 20, 2016

Okay so I could have posted sooner but I did not. The week started with a 25 km fun run called the Moose Run. It has been going on for 24 years now and I have finally found the time and health to do it myself.

You have 2 options with the Moose Run, solo or team, and while it isn't a race some people do treat it as such. I, though, didn't want to do that and opted to become an unofficial pace bunny. Primarily I was trying to pace my friend Craig along on what would be a hard training run for him. A pace slightly slower than he will be running at an up coming half marathon, but longer and hillier. I also liked the idea of pacing as it would help keep me from racing it too hard, and I really had not put the training into this kid of distance at speed this year.

Well we didn't hit our main goal of a 4:45 pace but we did keep the total run in at 2 hours, so I think Craig is on track towards getting a great half marathon time come May on a much flatter course.

A bunch of our run club also came over for the run, all with great results.

I also had another blood lactate test with the awesome Coach JZ at Kinesic Sport Lab. I felt good going in mentally and physically and felt better mentally leaving. Physically I was wiped but I did get some great results. Once Jeff is done compiling those numbers I'll write up another post with pretty graphs.  Needless to say, I have the capacity for a bit more, so that is going to be fun.

I got back in the pool, as I had missed the week before due to some family issues. The swim didn't feel great, but my times were still on par with where I had been, so that is totally encouraging.

Some great trainer rides also happened this week. With the weather getting nicer and nicer I will soon have to make the switch to outdoors, but then how the heck will I keep up with my tv shows?

I finished this weekend with back to back 13 km runs. I have a bit of a cold so I decided to skip the hard workouts and aim for more of a recovery easy pace. The first run yesterday was at a 4:27min/km pace. Not bad for a heart rate zone of 1 on avg (my new zone 1) and with the same effort level today I ran the same course at a 4:21 pace.

I also became a #MoveItMonday ambassador over at  Move It Monday is an international campaign encouraging people of all fitness levels to kick off the week with exercise.

Now on to some real recovery with a family supper.

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