Tuesday, May 10, 2016

It's Been Awhile - May is Here

With no races and a busy schedule it has been awhile it seems. Also I found Instagram, which is kind of like blogging without commitment, or religion, one of those things.  So I figure an update or something is in order, and maybe I need to be better about posting more often. Or maybe you, my loyal reader, get just about enough of me as you can take.

Anyway, since the lats race I have had a slightly annoying Achilles tendon issue. Luckily I am smarter now than I was before and get help asap. Dr Alan at Seaside Chiropractic was an early stop and he set me on the right track. Things are getting better and the Bluenose 10km race shouldn't be a problem. Sadly I have had a few weeks of less than ideal training, but that is life. I have been back running with a little bit of elliptical work (to keep my fitness) and I can hold a decent pace without issue. Tomorrow night I will try and hold a fast pace and see how things have progressed.

By the way, if you are a runner, eccentric calve drops. Do them. I will maybe do a little video at some point and talk more about this amazing exercise.  

Otherwise, I took a trip to Cincinnati to see an art show. Amazing as well. And what more can one ask for a but a city that is walkable. Thank you. Also they have great chili.

But what has e most excited these days? I bought a new bike.

The Norco Search Adventure Bike. Aluminum frame, 35mm wide tires, road geometry. It is a go anywhere and do it fast kind of bike. Oh and disc brakes. I have only had a handful of rides so far, but will do a review (hint so far so good).  In doing so I had to say goodbye to an old friend, the Trek 1200. It will be missed but went to a good home.

Oh and wow, this weekend was Open City in Halifax. A kind of buy local celebration / get people out and see what is available type of deal. Following my weekend swim (by the way swimming is going well) I got to stop in at my favorite coffee place and have one of this city's best lattes.

Take care, do your exercises, take a moment out to enjoy things and ride your bike if you haven't already.

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