Saturday, January 28, 2017

Getting Ready to Race 2017

So the first running race of the season is a few weeks ago  tomorrow. yeah, it was cancelled due to a big storm that swept through but is back on. The ever fun MEC race series has begun. This one will be a cross country style race in Point Pleasant Park and I like to see how well I do in this race as a gauge to how my training needs to go. As a fairly hilly race, and usually icy, I struggle to go under 19 min on a 5 km run here. This year I have changed up my training program a bit, so perhaps this may be the year.

BLT Runners unite from last year's MEC PPP Race

More importantly, this year I am really focusing on my muscular health. Last year I focused on pure speed and while there were glimpses of it, 2 injuries set me back overall.

Part of what I am focusing on is getting into a better routine of exercising and strength and flexibility. But I am also now starting my monthly visits to see my main guy Dr Alan at Seaside Chiro. Sensing some tightness in my Achilles already this year, a quick trip to see him and some ART (Active Release Therapy) has already made a world of difference in cleaning up what could become a big problem.

Not my actual legs

I am making note this year of aches and pains and tight areas that don't go away with rest. These areas I then will focus on strength and flexibility and then get Alan to help.

So I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings (and what shoes I will wear!). Report to follow.

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