Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Way to Go Team - Moncton 2017

So I mentioned in my last blog post that while I was happy with my results at Moncton in the Half Marathon, I was even happier about something else. So what was I talking about?

This year I stepped up in our running club, The BLT Runners and became the club coach. For the most part I have been leading our speed work night and answering running related questionsm but for a few runners I have worked a little more closely and helped them develope plans to try and achieve PBs. The biggest group were all headed to Moncton with me to race the half marathon (with one racing the 10km).

For most, the idea of my coaching style was a bit foreign and most were leery of how effective it would be, but darn, they stuck with it and went to Moncton prepared. I had to do a little bit of pep talking to reassure them, but they were ready.

Every single one of them did great. They all achieved new PBs all while looking strong and managing to smile at the end.  So hats off to all of them.

It was really annoying that the race course was long, as they ran to their set pacing, but in that spirit here are their actual Half Marathon, 21.1 km finishing times:

Annette Travis : 2 hours
Wendy Boutilier: 1:59:32
Fran Serroul Britten: 1:59:32
Heather Travis: 1:58:50
Elaine Smith: 1:58:29
Tom Burt: 2:17:07
Stacey Durling: 1:39:35
Marg Organ: 1:39:30
Craig Durling: 1:28:36

Elizabeth Jablonski bettered her prevous 10km time by almost 3 minutes with a 1:01:53

It has been great working with them all as well as many other BLT Runners and I have seen such great improvement in your run form as well as speed. The future is looking bright.

Not racing in Moncton this weekend but racing in Maine was Sarah Warford. She was showing how we Bluenosers do in the Canicross and Bikejoring events there placing well and running fast (4th overall and 2nd woman):

So yeah. I'm happy with performnce, but dang, this group makes me proud.

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