Monday, January 1, 2018

2017 By the Numbers

Well every year I like to throw out my numbers from the various sports I have taken part in. Sometimes those numbers go up, sometimes down, all depending on whether or not I focus on a specific sport or maybe get a small injury. 2017 saw some great distances achieved in running and I think, a lot of that was down to staying quite injury free for the year.

I don't tend to set specific distance goals but it is nice to see how things stacked up compared to other years.

2016 saw me injured a couple of times, though managed I some decent results. 1865 km from 2016 turned into 2342 km for 2017. No significant injuries that stopped me from running was the key. And that consistency saw me achieve some PBs in the Half Marathon distance. Now firmly in the 1:20 Half world, I think 2017 was a success.

Last year I thought I did fairly well on the bike at 4809 km. That included the fact that I commuted less by bike than ever before due to local construction issues. This year I beat that by a fair margin at 5739 km. I commuted more often by bike as I started a new job. I didn't go on any epic rides this year though except for a couple of 65 km rides. Maybe 2018 brings back some bigger distances rides?

A broken local pool meant that my swimming took a huge "dive" this year. A mere 28.450 km versus 103 km from 2016. Um, I guess that's why my one triathlon this year didn't go as planned.

Overall a good year. As I mentioned, decent running results, but then again, a focus on running will do that. I also started coaching a few runners as well, and in that found some great success. Hopefully those runners now understand that a good solid plan and consistency is what one needs to gain ground. 

And as always I like to mention my Movember Race. Over $4000 raised and donated to the Movember charity is one of the numbers I am most happy with.

Goals for 2018? Not really. This year I am just going to see where the journey takes me.

Welcome 2018!

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