Friday, March 28, 2008

March: In like a Lion Out Like a Lion?

Okay, so a big storms ushered in March and frankly have been a mainstay this winter in Nova Scotia and Canada. But now it is officially Spring, it is March 28. And it is snowing outside. And we are expecting over 10 cm of snow here, maybe as much as 20 cm and possibly with some rain.

Sure I know that everyone complains about the bad weather. But my real complaint is that when the weather gets like this, I can't bike to work. I don't mind getting wet, I don't mind getting dirty, but Halifax has no real access to safe bike routes in this city. That means when the weather is really bad, I have to contend with bad drivers in poorly maintained cars without snow tires, all sliding right at me. I have riden a few times in some snow this winter. It isn't that bad, just slow. But I can't be sure that some cars won't slide into me and kill me during those times.

So bring on the weather, but please Halifax, bring on a way for safe cycling to occur during those times.
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