Wednesday, June 11, 2008

First Bike Race of the Year

So I completed my first cycling race of the year. It took place in Yarmouth, and as always was a well put on event. My challenge for myself this year was to finish with the main pack. That was all looking good for most of the race. That was until the end of lap three. It was at this point that a very poor cyclist decided to make a bone headed move and fell down. I promptly ran over him sending me into the ditch. I finally got myself together, but the pack was gone. My leg was torn open, my bike made funny noises but I managed to at least catch the guy that made me crash and passed him and went on for my best finish ever in Yarmouth, a 5th place. My leg is still sore and bad looking, the bike though is still working, and I was only 9 minutes behind the pack by the end so that was great. The final 30 kms were lonely but survivable and led to a great personal effort from me. So I was happy in the end. Hopefully I have some pictures of the event.
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