Friday, March 12, 2010

Ian's 2010 Sporting Goals - Cycling

Cycling as a stand alone sport was where I started when I first got into competitions. of course this was a only a few years back (maybe 6 now?). Anyway, it was a reason to justify buying a fancy (to me) bike. Anyway, due to reasons I won't get into, the world of bike races in Nova Scotia just aren't fun for me at the moment. So my goals for cycling this year are pretty simple.

I want to get as much riding as I can in. Now my 35 KMs of commuting each day sure make that easy to do. Some days it seems a chore, most days it is the best thing in the world. But it is still just a commute and not a real goal.

My goal is to get some good group rides in with some good friends. Short and hard rides, long and slow, doesn't matter (long and hard are good as well). This will include at least 3-4 Peggy's Cove loops (my favorite ride). This will also include at least 1 organized century ride. I think that this year it will be the Bridgewater Century if the timing works out well. this event is actually a slight elongated metric century it seems, but it should be hilly so that's fine by me.

There you have it. An easy one for me. No training necessary. Of course I will be training, as you just can't get that out of the blood. Plus cycling will form a major component in one of my other goals (multi-sports). But I'll write more about that later.

I hope to be riding with you any time now.
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