Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ian's 2010 Sporting Goals - Swimming

Well the third part in my goals for the year blog entry series is finally up. I do seem very slow at posting these. Anyways, this post concerns my goals for swimming this year. Well, in the past i don't think I would ever have thought about swimming goals other than trying to get to the lake or ocean on hot days. This year is different. Over the winter I decided to take swimming lessons and actually learn how to swim properly. Well, those lessons are over now and thanks to Val at Centennial Pool I can now properly do a back crawl, front crawl, and a really awesome breast stroke. We won't talk about the butterfly, really we won't.

Of course I still have a lot of improvement to do, mostly in the area of endurance. I can't do much more than 6 laps of the 25 meter pool at a time without a rest. So to think that my goals for the year should be lofty, is well, silly.

So I will put this out there, by the end of the year I want to be able to swim 750 meters without stopping. Simple as that. yes, that will mean loads of practice, but it is essential for next years sporting goals. Wow, to think I am planning for a year from now.

Anyway, the final installment of the goals should be coming soon (I hope). That being MultiSports (ie Triathlon/Duathlon, where all of these other goals will come together into a great big messy crash.
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