Monday, April 9, 2012

Back to the Real World, Work and Running in the Snow

Okay so this post may be a bit late but heck, I was both busy, tired and frankly lazy. I didn't post much over the last month or so because I wasn't at home. I wasn't in the country and, well, I wasn't in the hemisphere.I had a chance to go to South Africa and took it. I could do a post about my trip. It was great. I saw and did so many interesting things as I hung out with friends and family. But I was away for almost 3 weeks so it would take forever to write it all down. If you want to know more email me, or feel free to visit me for a chat. And please feel free to see some of the thousands of photos I took: Google Plus Photos Instead I will stick to what is a usual theme for this blog. Exercising. Now I for sure did not spend the majority of my time in South Africa training for triathlons. But I was away for long enough that I felt the need to keep a base level of fitness going. So I often got up at 6 AM and went for runs. usually short 5 km runs at a moderate pace. This has surely helped me maintain some of my winter fitness. But more importantly it allowed me to grab some great Garmin running maps, like this one:


Okay, that was just me bragging a bit about running along a beach near Cape Town watching the sunrise and the waves come crashing in. Is there a bigger purpose to this post? I guess not so much. But when you travel don't forget those running shoes, but make sure to slow things down and watch out for awesome sights. No need for speed work and personal bests in training while escaping our winters.
Oh yeah, that is a picture of me running to the furthest southern point of the African continent at Cape Agulhas. Seriously, I am in there.

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