Thursday, April 19, 2012

Gee Ian, No Pre Season Review?

Yes, I know. The last couple of years I have broken down what sort of sporty things I am planning to do during the year. Along with that I have also been trying to predict results as well. This year not so much.

I mean I know what main events I plan on doing, and I am sure more things will pop up that are unexpected (see my last post on the 1st unexpected race of the year). I also know that by planning things out more meticulously, I may actually achieve greater results. But in the end I have found over the last few seasons that I frankly can't keep up with my plans. Turns out that as an Age Grouper, life just gets in the way of this hobby called sport. And that isn't a bad thing.

So instead of a grand plan that I must follow to a tee, I will be placing minimum goals that I will do my best to follow. Here they are in case you are that inclined to care.

Swimming. I still suck at this sport, I just suck far less than in past years. Here my main goal is still strength and confidence. I think I can swim faster in my triathlons simply by not being afraid at the starts. Still, this is also the sport that takes the most time to give the least returns. At best I get to the pool twice a week, and a 1 hour swim seems to take 2 hours to accomplish. But twice a week, at this point, is where I will be for the next while. Hopefully as the weather gets nicer, one of those will be in the open water.

Running. I still have a lot to gain in this sport as well, and every season I get faster. Or I guess it is better to say, my average pace drops as I am able to hold a higher speed for a longer time. In the past I have tried all sorts of training plans, from multiple long runs, to everyday runs, to everything in between. All have met some level of success and some level of failure. Right now I have a goal of a minimum amount of runs per week, and that number is three. So I have to maximize what those three runs can give me. I might explain this in a post about the upcoming Bluenose Race.

Cycling. I know I have gains to be made here. But as a commuting cycling, with two 50 minute rides 5 days a week, it is hard to come home and want to jump on the bike for an all out crazy bike ride. Instead I have plans for a weekly ride on my race bike and will decide at the time whether that will be a long ride or a hard ride. If time permits I may do more as well, but as I said I will take it as it comes.

I do have a plan for an event latter in the summer and may post about it soon. It will be a solo endeavor (probably) and may be a pipe dream, but we will see.

But next up is the Bluenose and that is where training will be focused, but as I said, that is a new post.

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