Friday, January 2, 2015

2014 by the Numbers

So I usually post up my yearly totals from all my exercising and training and then go through an analyse those numbers a bit. I figure I'll do a post that is much quicker this year, but I still like to get that info out there.

Bike: 5502 km of riding. Not too bad. Most of it was commuting with a few heavy training sessions taking place earlier in the year.

Swim: 84 km. I like to say swim in kilometers as it sounds huge. But really that isn't much. It probably explains why I didn't do as well in the one triathlon I raced this year. Of course the insanely cold water and my hatred of cold water also didn't help. This number will increase this year.

Run: 1826 km. So yeah, that was a nice number. Sure loads of people get far bigger numbers in, but I am all about maxing out each run and extracting the best out of them. My goal of running the best marathon I could this year was very successful on a low mileage marathon plan I created with some help from Coach JZ at Kinesic Sport Lab. I want ti run for a long time, so I want to run correctly.

My Garmin lists 61 km of of other as well. That is mostly skating, which is far more than I ever got growing up.

So that is a quick glimpse at what I was up to last year. Let's bring on 2015!

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