Thursday, January 29, 2015

The 2015 Winter Training So Far

So here we are at the end of January already. For me this means I am pretty much 2 months into a training cycle, as I start on December 1st. Last year I was still just finishing up Phase 1 of my training plan at this point, but for this year it was time to change things up.

Last year I had a marathon to think of, even though it wasn't until September of the year, so I focused my year around a heavy amount of run training. This year I am making my training more Triathlon focused, so that will change things up a bit. It means less running overall, more cycling and definitely more swimming. Trying to get that all in every week, while not over training is a good balancing act.

I know my body at this point and I know what will lead to injuries, so that is a great start. Limiting those factors will make Ian a much happier sporty guy. So my physio has to fit in to all of my training as well (a mix of strength and flexibility training).

Last year I ran 5 days a week,hitting a high in the mid 70's for kilometers per week. While I did everything right, I still had some nagging soreness and aches that I just couldn't get rid of. Pulling back to a max of 60km a week did great things. So I know that now, I am just not a high mileage person. So every kilometer has to count.

This years base sessions have included 4 runs a week, 2 swims a week and 1 heavy indoor trainer ride on the bike. Of course I also ride to work many days each week, so the base for cycling is quite high from that stand point. The 4 runs started with shorter easy runs (7.5 km) to 3 easy runs and a long run, and now include intervals. Intervals are done to effort, that being a Zone 5 heart rate effort, and over the last few weeks I have seen the recovery after these efforts sky rocket as well.

Last year the intervals came later, after threshold work, but again, I wanted to change things up a bit. I slogged through Threshold work last year for some reason, just no oompf it seems. So this year I wanted to kick the fast muscles into over drive before hitting the sustained higher speed endurance work.  And it seem to be working as my intervals have gotten longer, the speed growing and the endurance over the 500m repeat getting better.

As for swimming, well it ebbs and flows. But the main thing is my comfort level in the water has increased even more this year. I have brought back thew breast stroke into the fold and use it as a cool down between intervals in the pool. I think the strength it brings and the change up are making me happier in the pool. So for now that sort of work continues.

And cycling? Well of course there is my commute to work. In the winter it isn't always fun nor fast to be biking with a ton of clothes on, but I figure it makes one stronger. The trainer has traditionally been not my favorite thing either. Sitting on it for more than 30 minutes has often killed me. But just this week I hit a milestone at 1 hour 4 minutes, watching 2 shows in the process. This can only make me stronger, at least mentally.

More up dates to come. Hope you are having a great winter training session as well. Stay safe!

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