Thursday, June 25, 2015

Trying Something New - Adding More Running?

What's that more running in a week? But I thought that we had come up with the perfect amount of weekly running for me already. Now you want more.

Anyway, it gets busy some days trying to fit in all the exercise you want to do and maybe need to do. except it can be done.

So I wanted to get more swim time in as I head into triathlon season, and maybe some more biking as well. But I still want to keep up with my running without killing myself in the process. So as many people do, I have recently added in lunch time runs.

The first week I started this I ran a few different routes to see what I could come up with. I wanted something short that I could do in 20 minutes or less, giving me enough time to eat a quick lunch and get cleaned up.  So I ended up finding a nice little 3.6(ish) km run. It is hilly, includes asphalt, potholes, dirt and grass and is quite nice.

My goal with these runs is to keep adding the stress of running (we need stresses to adapt and get stronger) without adding too much fatigue. This short course, with its varied terrain, can give me a heart thumping workout or a relaxing recovery run. But overall it gives me the ability to run almost everyday, without being too fatigued for the main event later on (tonight I ride my bike).

My current record for the run is 14:08. Today I ran a 15:08. I once ran it in 16:23. All are great and are based solely on feel. I don't look at the time until I stop. My body will let me know what I need on the day.

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