Thursday, June 4, 2015

Vacation, training and life's hiccups

So here I am still in Colorado, should have been home last week but life threw a little block our way.

We traveled here to visit family and unwind after that horrendous winter we had. I had just finished the Bluenose Half Marathon and a rest sounded nice. I figured some easy runs daily and nothing too crazy. After all this is a high elevation and the altitude can play havoc on you when you aren't ready for it. We didn't really pack for such cold weather. I finally got out for a short run after 2 days, when the rain let up long enough to make it viable. As far as runs go, it was blah.

Instead I started to rely on my physiotherapy exercises and eventually we found a local gym to go to, where I took in some swimming and a little easy spin biking. Not too bad, though kind of annoying to do in such a beautiful place.

Finally the weather cleared and the warmth arrived. We took the opportunity to do some hiking. That was great. Then a family member got sick, hospital sick and we had to put things on hold. We missed our flight home and spent days hanging out in a hospital room "entertaining" the sick. I did manage a couple of easy short runs around the hospital grounds, but with lack of sleep and lack of oxygen creeping in, those didn't feel so good.

Things have worked out well, we'll be on our way home soon, everyone having recovered perfectly.

So yeah, life throws this stuff at us, and in a way it is almost like an injury mid training. You go from high to lows and you can't get that pent up energy out. You are tired and exhausted, but not in that good way. But you roll with it. We aren't professional athletes. We don't rely on "exercise" to make a living. We need to step back, regroup, focus on what needs to be done and realize that we'll get back to where we were soon enough.

That all being said, i can't wait to get back on my bike. I miss it.

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