Friday, February 22, 2008

Broken pedal = slower commute

Okay so I was cycling to work yesterday and I noticed at one point that my pedal was not allowing me to clip in (I use clipless pedals which contrary to the name allow you to clip into the pedal for maximum pedaling power). So I got off the bike to check and noticed that one of the screws/shafts that holds it altogether was sheered off. That sucked. One of the tension springs was missing as well. So repair was not an option (especially on the roadside at -12C). Luckily I could still use the pedal as a standard platform pedal and continue riding. But when you are used to your foot being attached to a pedal it makes a world of difference to things like power and speed when you can't any longer.

Okay, so this story isn't super exciting, just letting you know what was going on with me. Oh and I had a spare pair of pedals at home, so things are great now. Commuting by bike in the winter is rough stuff.
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