Thursday, February 21, 2008

Toronto - The real story

So I arrived in Toronto last Wednesday night, traveling during a fairly major snow/freezing rain/ rain storm that was happening in the Halifax region (well Martimes). I flew in on Westjet, which turned out to be a good option for me as Air Canada had canceled most of their flights. Sure the take off was rough but otherwise it was a fine trip up. So what else did I do in Toronto? Well I hung out with my wife, which was nice. We did try to get out of the condo she is staying in as often as possible but the weather was not always great. Toronto actually had a ton of snow on the ground, which made sidewalks really horrible. And on the Sunday there was a massive rain storm. We still managed to get out to a few furniture/design shops looking for ideas for our house. And there was lots. We also walked around one day on Queen Street. Wow, talk about shops. And really nice ones as well. We were there on a fact gathering mission to see what sorts of dog products we might like to purchase in the future when we get a dog. One night we also were able to get out and see a movie at the AGO (art Gallery of Ontario). It was a movie showing the life of an art project called the Spiral Getty. Okay, so it was an art film and I was very confused as I didn't know what the Spiral Getty actually was. Perhaps some background info would have been good for me. In the future I will research before such films.

I had previously written about flying home on Porter Air. Lovely company. Of course Halifax was in the middle of another storm with heavy winds, rain and deep cloud cover for the flight home (reminder February is a horrible month to travel. But good old Porter pilots managed to get us down safely.

It is nice being home I must say. I hope my wife will join me soon, but alas she needs to stay in Toronto for a bit longer. Hopefully I will soon be posting about our new dog, but we do have to wait until she gets here before we can even bring a dog home to live with us.

I do like visiting Toronto, but I think I would actually get a bit bored living there all the time, sensory overload or something. Well I guess I would adapt to it, still I like it here in Nova Scotia.
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