Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Saturday With Dave



So Saturday morning was a fun time. Dave and I met for a nice coffee and a chat to start the day. Coffee from the Smiling Goat is not something to be rushed. No it must be savoured. That is because the coffee is brewed on the Clover. Not sure what coffee brewed on Clover is? Time for google my friends. Needless to say it is spectacular coffee and the guys at the Smiling Goat love to give you nothing but the best.

From there a walk around Halifax (Strange Adventures Comics, MEC, The Book Room, Loomis, Folklore Music) really made the morning great. It was nice to get to some good shops and explore what is out there. I managed to buy a few items, namely a great indy comic called "The Incredible Change Bots", a new headlamp from MEC, and also a new pick guard for my acoustic guitar.

We finished the day at Coburg Coffee. This is another great coffee shop in Halifax, mostly because they make great sandwiches. And on Saturday it is all day breakfast. So good.

So that was my morning with Dave, my afternoon and evening was spent with his parents (Rick and Phyllis). I also managed to spend a little time with his brother Charles and his wife Leslie. All in all a good day of visiting, exploring and fun.

The next day I would go on to see the HKC dogshow. Fun stuff and great dogs.
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